Laura Athavale Fitton Laura Athavale Fitton is a presentations consultant and speaker. She helps clients achieve their business objectives by speaking with clarity, focus and ease. Fitton develops comprehensive presentations training programs and is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her clients learn to start with audience and results to pinpoint strategic messages and then deliver those messages to drive business and professional development. Ms. Fitton is a graduate of Cornell University, and founded Pistachio in 2002. She plays ice hockey, practices Ashtanga yoga and is also a stroke survivor interested in raising awareness. Laura studied science writing with Carl Sagan and lives in Greater Boston with her husband, two daughters and two very large Leonberger dogs. In previous lives she has been a rock climber, blue-water sailor, freelance journalist, world traveler and environmental researcher/activist.

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4 Responses to “Laura”

  1. Aniq Rahman Says:


    Great to see yet another Cornellian working in the startup space. Saw your blog linked from Guy Kawasaki’s – found it interesting!

    – Aniq

  2. Annie Says:

    I need the backstory! Why are you in India and for how long?

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